It's time to re-imagine supplier diversity

BUCGC Consulting has developed an end-to-end integrated supplier diversity programme, developing diverse suppliers to be resilient and agile, while giving them access to meaningful and sustainable procurement opportunities within corporate and government supply chains.


We believe that supplier diversity starts with identifying the opportunities available within supplier chains for diverse suppliers.

This informs the serious work of building the confidence, resilience and capability of entrepreneurs for these opportunities. The BU CGC supplier diversity program connects qualifying suppliers with approved service providers and business coaches to develop their businesses to required levels for the identified opportunities, ensuring that they become bold industry leaders, preferred service providers and resilient entities. Our work is to ensure that they are the epitome of being ‘supply-chain ready’.

Tried & Tested Methodology

We know that while a one-size-fits-all approach may work for many businesses, it doesn’t necessarily yield the kind of impact we pride ourselves in.

Every development plan is intentionally tailored to the company it seeks to build, based on an initial assessment and diagnostic, and intensive research. The interventions laid out in the development plan are personalised to ensure that each business receives support that targets its specific gaps and areas of concern.


The world never stays the same, and neither should we.
BUCGC’s approach to enterprise and supplier development rests on the ability to embrace innovation and change, so that we can restructure the procurement function, and develop suppliers that welcome opportunities with vigour and boldness.

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